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eid.ee is a URL shortening service with a few unique features. For the most common usage scenario - making a short address from a long one - just paste your URL to the text box in the front page and click "Shorten". If you wish to manage your links later, tick the checkbox and enter your e-mail address before shortening a link. A password will be mailed to you which you can later use for logging in. If you have already registered, but have forgotten the password and can't find the original notification mailed to you, just click "Forgot password" on the toolbar above and get a new password.

Managing your links. When you have logged in, every link you create will be associated with your account. To have a look at your links, click "My links" in the toolbar. Click on any row of the table to edit your link and don't forget to save any changes before leaving.

HTTP POST support (advanced). You most likely don't care about this feature if you don't know what HTTP POST means. But if you wish to link to web services that only support this method, just enter the address and parameters the same way HTTP GET links are formatted. For example, if the form handler is http://example.com/search.cgi and it accepts arguments such as query and language, enter the full address formatted as http://example.com/search.cgi?query=bioinformatics&language=en and check "Use HTTP POST".

Feel free to e-mail us at support [at] eid [dot] ee in case you have any questions!

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